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Zebra MC3300

Zebra MC3300

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Introducing the next-generation mobile computer that generates more productivity, and profitability, for your business. It’s loaded with innovative features – such as multiple form factors for easier scanning, advanced long range data capture capabilities, a tough and rugged exterior and much more. Plus, the MC3300 is pre-licensed with “best for business” Android OS. Transform your business with the latest hardworking device from Zebra: the new MC3300.

MULTIPLE FORM FACTORS: How can you get greater productivity, efficiency and comfort from a mobile computer? Pick up the new Zebra MC3300. The Zebra MC3300 can be configured four ways – pistol-grip, turret with rotating head, straight shooter 0o scan and 45º scan – giving you options for every use case. And, they’re all designed with ergonomics and performance in mind. Get the mobile computer that factors into more productivity for your business.

WORLD-CLASS DATA CAPTURE When we say far and away better data capture, we mean it – because the new Zebra MC3300 mobile computer captures data from as far away as 70 feet. It takes on low- and high-impact scanning scenarios, reliably scans at low, intermediate and long ranges and accurately captures multiple barcodes with a single trigger pull. Get the mobile computer that puts you further ahead of your competition.

RUGGED AND LONG-LASTING: The new Zebra MC3300 mobile computer is undeniably rugged. It can withstand drops from up to 5 feet (1.5 m), and 1,000 tumbles from 3.2 feet (1 m). It’s IP54 sealed against dust and spills, and the touchscreen is made of scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. Yet, it’s sleek and sophisticated enough for front-of-store. Get the mobile computer that gives your business the best of both worlds.

ADVANCED COMMUNICATION The new Zebra MC3300 mobile computer gives you some powerful business connections – instantly. That's because it allows colleagues to connect in an instant from anywhere in your facility, with Wi-Fi-enabled WorkForce Connect and push-to-talk capabilities. Get the mobile computer that connects you with greater efficiency, productivity and profitability.

COMPATIBLE WITH MC3200 With the new Zebra MC3300 mobile computer, you get the accessories that give your business an extra edge. We have holsters and handstraps that help your workforce work comfortably. And, our charging cradles and other accessories are backwards compatible to MC3200 models. Get the mobile computer that's packed with all the compatibility and productivity your business needs.

Charging Note: The MC3300 does NOT come with any charging equipment. USB cables, charging docks, and power supplies must be purchased separately. See Accessories for all your charging needs.

Weight Straight Shooter: 13.2 oz./375 g
Rotating Turret: 13.3 oz./377 g
Gun: 17.8 oz./505 g
Dimensions (L x W x D) Straight Shooter: 7.96 in x 2.94 in x 1.35 in (202.2 mm x 74.7 mm x 34.5 mm)
Rotating Turret: 8.79 in x 2.94 in x 1.35 in (223.4 mm x 74.7 mm x 34.5 mm
Gun: 7.96 in x 2.94 in x 6.45 in (202.6 mm x 74.7 mm x 163.9 mm)
Operating System Android 7.0 (Nougat)
Processor Qualcomm 8056 1.8 GHz hexa-core 64 bit with power optimization
Memory 2GB/16GB Standard
4GB/16GB Premium
4GB/32GB Premium Plus
Screen Corning Gorilla Glass 4.0" Capacitive WVGA w/LED backlight
Keyboard Three Options:
Numeric (29 Key)
Function Numeric (38 Key)
Alpha Numeric (47 Key)
Battery Rechargeable Li-Ion: standard 2700 mAh; High capacity 5200 mAh; Fast charging support (new accessories)
Rear Camera 13MP with Flash (Premium + models only) (Not available on the MC3300 Gun/Pistol)
Scan Method Straight Shooter: SE965 1D, SE4750SR 2D, SE4850 ERI
Rotating Turret: SE965 1D Laser
Gun: SE965 1D, SE4750SR 2D, SE4850 ERI
Expansion Slot Micro SD card slot, up to 32GB
Operating Temperature -20° C to +50° C
Operating Humidity 5% to 95% RH (Non-condensing)
IP Seal Rating IP54
Drop Specification Multiple 5 ft./1.5 m drops to concrete over the entire operating temperature range
Bluetooth Profile V4.1, V2.1 + EDR w/ Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/d/h/i/k/r/w
2.4GHz: 144Mbps 5GHz: 867Mbps